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Knowledge & Specialization

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High standard specialization for professionals

The Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy are two unique and ultra modern gastronomy centers for high standard technical training and applications in pastry, bakery, ice cream, catering and cooking. Truly innovative for the Hellenic standards, they have been created by STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. to provide know-how, new ideas and high level of specialization to professionals of the food service sector and to ceaselessly convey information on the latest international gastronomical trends and developments.

Knowledge: The essential prerequisite for development

The international trend that dominates the food service sector over the last years requires that professionals focus their efforts on the production of high quality products. The essential prerequisite for doing so is the development of the know-how of professionals. This is also the idea behind the creation of the Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy, which provide efficient trainings and practical knowledge that correspond to the continuously changing demands of the market.

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