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One Step Ahead!

One Step Ahead!Since 1985, STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. has been offering to the Greek Confectioners and Bakers unique and premium Confectionery, Bakery & Ice-Cream Ingredients and high level services for distinguished creations. With respect, loyalty and consistency, always bearing in mind their needs and interests..

All these years, the Company has had a long and steady course of continual growth and rapid evolution and today STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. holds the first place in the confectionery-bakery supply sector in Greece. The driving engine of this growth has always been the philosophy of quality & innovation in ideas, products and services.

Today, STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. represents exclusively in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans, 28 top quality producers of confectionery, bakery & ice cream raw materials. Its primary concern is the high quality of the products imported and distributed as well as the continuous search in the market for new products and services that fulfill the ever-growing taste needs and preferences of consumers.
STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. never ceases to create, evolve and lead the market. With the distinguished Athens Center of Gastronomy, its branch in Northern Greece with ultra modern premises at Sindos Industrial Area, inside which also operates the state of the art Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy, and with a strong distribution network in Cyprus and the Balkan countries, the Company offers innovative products, high level services and efficient technical support and training in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan region.

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