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For fluffy & tasty Panettone


The secret to fluffy and tasty panettone is the temperature!

For the dough:

The dough should be soft at a temperature of about 26°C. The egg yolk that will be added to the dough should be cold at 4°C and the butter at 18-20°C. For a more enjoyable result, extra flavor and fluffy texture, add extra butter and egg yolk.

For the baking part:

Check the temperature in the middle part of the finished product and once it reaches the ideal temperature of 93-94°C, take it out of the oven. Immediately after baking, hang the panettone upside down with the help of stainless steel rods, so that it retains its volume.

For greater sustainability:

The secret to keeping the taste and fluffy texture of panettone longer is in the packaging! Once the panettone has cooled and reached a temperature of 35°C in the middle, pack the panettone in plastic bags, spraying the inside with 95°C alcohol (to prevent germs) and carefully secure the bag.

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