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Christmas Cake with Creme Cake DAWN FOODS


Premium Baker’s Select Crème Cake Base Plain DAWN FOODS1.000 gr.
Eggs350 gr.
Oil150 gr.
Butter Fermente BEURALIA (melted)150 gr.
Water225 gr.
Orange Flavor SUCREA (optional)2 gr.
Walnuts (optional)100 gr.

We put all the ingredients in a mixer except the walnuts. We hit for 1 minute at the 1st speed and 5 minutes at the 2nd speed with a flat beater. One minute before the end we add the walnuts.

Fill half of a paper mould GOLD SILUETT.

Temperature: Deck Oven : 180° C, Fan Oven : 150 – 160° C
Time: 45 – 55 minutes (open tamper).

Once the Christmas Cake is cold, we decorate with Premium Baker’s Select Glossy Icing Vanilla DAWN FOODS warmed at 40° C, or we sprinkle with Sweet New Snow KOMPLET, an icing sugar which does not absorb moisture.