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Ice cream cones Nonna


Ice cream cone dipped in White Chocolate
Nonna Cream Filling
White Chocolate Covering
Decoration with Amarena

Nonna Cream Filling

Whipping Cream Excellence 35%


600 g
Invert Sugar UNIGLAD120 g
Integrattori Con Fibra FABBRI40 g
Delipaste Nonna FABBRI35 g


In a cold mixing bowl mix all the ingredients together until a fluffy mixture is produced.


White Chocolate Covering

White Chocolate XOCOFINE 30%           1.000 g
Vegetable Oil180 g


Melt the chocolate and add the vegetable oil. Mix until homogenized.


Use Temperature: 35˚C



Dip the FRIMA Waffle Cones in chocolate and allow to cool. Then add a small portion of Variegato Amarena FABBRI in each cone and fill with the Nonna Cream Filling.

Put in the freezer and when ready cover each cone with the White Chocolate Covering. Finally, decorate with Amarena 18/20 FABBRI.