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Significant benefits from a low-carb diet

Giannis Chrysou: Nutritionist-Clinical Dietitian



A significant number of studies on the Low-Carb Diet, published in the most prestigious journals worldwide, indicate that this nutritional model has major advantages, compared to the traditional approach of reducing fat to achieve weight loss.


A low-carb diet:

  • Offers up to 3 times greater weight loss, in comparison to a low-fat diet [1],[3]
  • Contributes to reducing the levels of triglycerides [1],[2]
  • Contributes to improving the lipidemic profile[4], the insulin and fasting glucose levels, and finally to treating the metabolic syndrome [5].

Accordingly, thorough assessment of the above-mentioned data, we conclude that the mild restriction of carbohydrate intake, especially sugars, and their replacement with healthy fats, could serve those who need to reduce their body weight. On this basis, we need not to exclude carbohydrate foods from the daily diet. Instead, we are advised to make better food choices, such as whole grain cereals and pasta, brown rice and of wholegrain bread.

What is more, partially substituting flour with seeds and their products, can reduce the content of total carbohydrates and monosaccharides, while increasing fatty acids and protein, which are essential for human health. Thus, a classic type of aliment, such as bread, becomes a functional food that may, as part of a balanced diet, promote consumer health and a more efficient weight control.


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