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Elle & Vire

The benchmark of French excellence!
Elle & Vire pioneers and innovates for 70 years, epitomizing French quality in dairy products

The exceptional technical characteristics of its products, coupled with the high expertise offered by its top chefs-ambassadors, position the brand at the top in most of the 120 countries where it is present. Elle & Vire dairy creams are produced in Normandy, France, a region renowned for the outstanding quality of its dairy products. They are produced from selected milk in modern facilities with high hygiene and safety standards, leveraging Elle & Vire’s invaluable expertise and Normandy’s longstanding gastronomic tradition. The rigorous process of selection, production, and pasteurization ensures premium products with consistent quality, exceptional technical performance, and unparalleled natural flavor.

Elle & Vire’s dairy creams Creme Excellence 35%, Lescure 35%, Cuisson Excellence 35%, 3.5% UHT Milk, American & French Cream Cheeses as well as the high-specification Extra Dry Butter 84%, awarded with the Gold Medal (Medaille d’Or) at the annual General Agricultural Competition of Paris, guarantee characteristics of unmatched quality and technical performance.
In Greece, Elle & Vire products have been exclusively distributed by STELIOS KANAKIS S.A.for more than 30 years.

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