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Divina is a superior quality product for traditional sweet yeast doughs like panettone, pandoro & colomba, which increases fermentation stability and tolerance. Without enzymes, it is ideal both for long (with pre-dough) or direct (with the addition of yeast) dough process. Easy to handle it ensures open-pored and soft finished product. With inactive Lievito Madre natural yeast, which improves the flavour of products by enhancing the taste of the flour used.

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Molino Merano
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Contents: soft wheat flour type 0, natural yeast Lievito Madre from soft wheat flour type 0, sugar, skimmed milk, sea salt.


The magic of natural yeast!

Fine flour, gently mixed with pure natural water, allows the different strains of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria develop evenly in a natural, yet special way at Molino Merano’s microbiology laboratory. The “Mother” is always left in its original and natural form. The natural fermentation process of the lactic acid bacteria and yeast, is nourished daily with the finest flour and pure natural water.