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Premix for the preparation of bread rich in proteins with whole grain derivates and seeds, ensuring an excellent shelf-life. The delicious multiseed wholegrain bread Probody 100 won an award in the Bakery category of the Healthy Diet Awards 2022.

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Contents: linseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, yellow linseeds, Dinkel wholegrain flour, wheat bran and Dinkel wholegrain sourdough. The nutritional benefits associated with ProBody 100 support those who are physically active, training and watch over their body weight.

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Low Carbohydrates Content in comparison to other multiseed baked goods
High Protein Content: support cell structure, grow and preserve muscle mass, maintain bone health.
High Ω-3 Fatty Acids Content: ALA
contributes to maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels by a daily intake of 2 gr. ALA, included in 71 gr. (1 slice of bread) ProBody Low Carb
Low in Sugars
Source of Fibres: contribute to digestive health and to achieving satiety more quickly by reaching the state of being satisfactorily full while lowering the hunger sensation.

The nutritional benefits for ProBody Low Carb final products are valid for bread prepared according to the basic recipe available on the label of KOMPLET PROBODY 100.

💡 TIP: Proteins count for 30% of the energy value of the product

ADVANTAGES: ProBody Low Carb in comparison to a classic multiseed bread*
presents the following healthy benefits:
60% more Protein
59% more Fibres
14 times more Ω-3 Fatty Acids
80% less Carbohydrates
60% less Sugars

* Source: USDA 05/2016

Comparative Nutrition Table


Nurtritional Value per 100 gr per 100 gr 
ProBody Low Carb **Multiseed Wholegrain Bread
Εnergy 1.184 kj / 285 kcal 1.108 kj / 265 kcal
Fat 16,8 g 4,23 g
Of which Saturated 2,2 g 0,88 g
Monounsaturated 4,1 g 0,76 g
Polyunsaturated 10,4 g 1,87 g
Carbohydrates 6,1 g 43,34 g
Of which Sugars 2,4 g 6, 39 g
Edible Fiber 11,8 g 7,4 g
Proteins 21,4 g 13,36 g
Salt 1,25 g 0,95 g
Ω-3 Fatty Acids 2,8 g 0,2 g