Mixes for Functional Breads


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Energy and wellbeing booster*! Powder mix for preparing specialty breads with a sweet aftertaste.


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Contents: wholemeal spelt flour, oat flakes, sunflower seeds, linseed, pumpkin seeds and pieces of apple.

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Source of Magnesium: contribute to the normal functioning of muscular and nervous systems and reduces the feeling of fatigue. It also helps in protein synthesis, while benefiting bones and teeth.
Source of Protein: support cell structure, grow and preserve muscle mass, maintain bone health
Source of Fibres: contribute to digestive health and to achieving satiety more quickly by reaching the state of being satisfactorily full while lowering the hunger sensation
Source of Phosphorus: phosophorus is an essential element for storing and releasing energy and has a significant role in maintaining a healthy sceletal system


 Nutritional Table

Nutritional Value per 100 gr
Energy 1.263 kj / 300 kcal
Fat 7,4 g
Of which Saturated 1,0 g
Carbohydrates 41,8 g
of which Sugars 7,5 g
Edible Fiber 4,6 g
Proteins 14,3 g
Salt 1,35 g
Phosphorus 160 mg/ 22,8% NRV**
Magnesium 70 mg/ 18,7% NRV**

**NRV=Nutritional Reference Value

The nutritional benefits for Fitness Bread final products are valid for bread prepared according to the basic recipe available on the label of PBP PREMIUM FITNESS KRUSTE 50%.

* in the context of a balanced diet