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Sorbet: The beloved, refreshing treat that doesn’t contain milk


Sorbet: The beloved, refreshing treat that doesn’t contain milk!

Delightful sorbets typically boasting the flavor of favorite fruits in their sweetest and most refreshing form. Sorbets are simpler to make and are perfect for consumers following a vegan diet or fasting, as they contain no milk, cream, or eggs.

Sorbets are lighter, with a more intense flavor and a fluffy texture. They’re made with water as the base, sugars essential for both flavor, texture and their freezing ability, along with fruits…

Have you ever tried chocolate sorbet?

When the technique of sorbet meets the taste of premium Belgian chocolate couverture Veliche Gourmet, a rich oasis of chocolate-filled coolness is created that will captivate you! The new trend of the summer is here!

Would you like to taste it?

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